What is the best way to use ten seconds of your child’s time?
After more than fifty years of studying children from many different countries and cultures and creating the field of child brain development
We are convinced that every child born has tremendous potential that remains largely unrecognized and undeveloped. 
Little kids use every waking moment in search and discovery,
 They can learn anything that we can teach in an honest, factual and joyous way.
So, what is the best way to use ten seconds of your child’s time? 
Teach ten precise, accurate facts in a happy and relaxed way.
He wants to learn about everything right now and he wants you to help him. He wants to share the joys of search and discovery with you. 
Our "Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge Program" Shows you exactly how to teach your child and we give you the materials to use.
We are pretty sure you will agree with us once you try it out with your child,
and it will be a wonderful spring board for more search and discovery.  
If your child is not absolutely fascinated and delighted with our materials you can send them back to us - no problem.
If he loves it, then there are many more surprises to delight him in that program and in other programs we supply to enrich his life and yours.
Here's to More exploration, more discovery, more delight in your household. 
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